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Insurance agents must be held to a high standard

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Most of us give little thought to our insurance. You need coverage for your home, automobile and health care. You trust that the coverage you have contracted for with your insurance company will be there to help you when something unforeseen happens.


Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always provide the coverage you expect, or, in some cases, even the coverage they have legally obligated themselves to provide.


They may deny coverage unfairly, delay compensation unnecessarily, or misrepresent the actual coverage a policy provides.

Work with an attorney who's dealt with every type of insurance dispute, including health care coverage denial, commercial property coverage disputes, insurance bad faith, homeowners coverage disputes and auto coverage disputes.


There is help for you - and you'll find it with Christopher P. Ryan, Attorney at Law. Choose the attorney who's dealt with it all before.

Insurance disputes can be complicated, but the right attorney knows exactly how to move forward with your case.


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