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Invasion of privacy is against the law

With the rise of the Internet and its common acceptance as a conduit for extremely personal information, the opportunity for defamation has grown.


Most of us participate in social media outlets such as Facebook. A great deal of our most private information, such as medical records, can be easily accessed and disseminated.


When your reputation has been damaged by someone defaming you, you need to take action to protect yourself, your future and your personal and professional reputation.

Related to defamation are violations of privacy. Many invasion of privacy cases involve the dissemination of private medical information. For example, someone with access to private medical information may reveal that someone carries a sexually transmitted disease. The person spreading that information is violating your right of privacy.


There are actions that can be taken to stop these illegal activities. Contact Christopher P. Ryan, Attorney at Law, to learn what you can do.

Has someone put a false statement about you out to the public? If so, then you may have a case.


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