The Reality of Malpractice

Attorney Malpractice

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We place a tremendous amount of faith and trust in our lawyers. We come to them at times of the greatest need. Lawyers greatly rely on faith and trust to be effective. Any breach of that faith and trust can be extremely damaging to the client.

Lawyers have certain standards that apply to the representation they provide. These standards help ensure the integrity of lawyer/client relationships. Failure to meet those standards of care or representation is referred to as malpractice.

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Do not hesitate to secure skilled and experienced civil litigation representation if your attorney has failed to provide representation that meets the applicable standards.

If you have been inconvenienced as the result of a lawyer failing to meet the applicable standards of representation, then you need to secure an attorney who can help you hold that lawyer accountable.

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Professional Malpractice

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Malpractice doesn't begin and end with doctors

Other professionals such as architects and insurance agents are equally capable of committing malpractice.

Insurance brokers can commit malpractice by making mistakes or deliberately misleading a client. Insurance brokers are responsible for helping you secure the coverage you actually need.

Many times, it may not become apparent that your insurance broker has failed until an emergency strikes. Perhaps a fire destroys a barn, and you discover that only your home is covered under the policy your insurance broker recommended for you.

You don't have to go the road alone

There are remedies to such difficult situations, including holding the professional liable for this failure or malpractice. A skilled and experienced attorney can help you recover the compensation you deserve after suffering a loss because of professional malpractice.

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Secure a skilled and experienced civil litigation lawyer if a professional has failed to provide care or representation that meets the applicable standards.

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